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Connecting People Globally With Food

About Us

reGenesis Ag is an ag-tech startup focused on food safety / food security in global agri-food networks and take revenues generated and provide economic development opportunities through micro financing and investments with special interests in developing and emerging countries.

Our Mission

We provide transparency, security, safety, and raise awareness to global food supply chains, by connecting businesses and consumers to the farms and companies that produce the very food we buy through storytelling

reGenesis Ag

Benefits of Traceability in Agri-Food Systems

Consumers want more information about where their food comes from, how it was grown or produced and what the agriculture industry is doing to ensure transparency, safety, and sustainability.  reGenesis Ag believes it can increase traceability in global supply chains and still add value to markets.

Traceability Benefits:

Meet consumer and market demand for food production transparency.

Enhance the ability to identify, respond, react, and even prevent a food safety issue.
Validate food sourcing claims, exports, and imports thus boosting economic trade.

Support supply chain optimization and reduce food loss.

Fraud and counterfeit measures.

Empower small-scale producers, improve market visibility, and gain access to new services and resources.
Shaping the future of agricultural supply chains

reGenesis Ag Corporate Social Responsibility

reGenesis Ag believes in people and the power to do good

  • By consumers using brands that have a reGenesis Smart Fingerprint, it allows reGenesis to take a percentage of its profits from each platform to re-invest into economic development opportunities/projects, micro-loans, and micro-investments.
  • – Consumers will be able to actively track the progress of projects that reGenesis is funding, and see first hand the rewards of supporting the reGenesis platform, fingerprints, and the brands themselves.


reGenesis Ag

Connecting People Globally To Food


reGenesis Ag, LLC. is an agricultural resource and monitoring company focused on food safety and food security while enhancing farmer livelihoods and fostering economic development.

reGenesis Ag Mission

With a focus on food safety / food security; reGenesis Ag is creating and building what the future of 21st century agriculture, food networks, and agricultural commodity supply chains should look like.

reGenesis Ag Business Model

We plan on launching 2 digital platforms over 2 separate phases.

  • Phase 1: The reGenesis Ag smart fingerprint system and reGenesis dashboard for food borne illness / disease outbreak monitoring with global heat mapping.
  • Phase 2: A sister platform, reGenesis Ag will launch agricultural trading and resource centers with “agricultural commodity tokens” as payment methods. reGenesis will continue the work / mission of food safety / food security by providing resources, technologies, innovations, and investments to global supply chains and markets.
  • Phase 3: The gamification / digitalization of farmland with main focus on developing and emerging countries.   Gamers will be able to digitally own a piece of a farm from around the world and compete with other gamers to get their plot of land to out produce someone elses land on the same farm.  With real data being fed into the game. 

Industry News and Updates

We are regularly discussing a posting about industry chagnes and information that is important for anyone.

reGenesis Ag Phase 1

Smart Fingerprint and Dashboard

reGenesis Dashboard

Through consumer and supply chain engagement; the dashboard allows for interactions with consumers through the smart fingerprint by issuing out vital messages such as recalls which can save money and protect lives.

The reGenesis Dashboard serves several roles in the supply chain:

  • Helps track and trace food commodities across supply chains through NFTs
  • Able to track food borne illnesses and disease outbreak through NFTs and a heat mapping system
  • Companies, regulators, governments, etc. are able to issue alerts, warnings and recalls that are then sent out to all smart fingerprints that contain specific data
  • Consumers are able to alert dashboard in the event they buy something and get sick
  • Possible future plans to incorporate blockchain and NFTs
reGenesis Smart Fingerprint

reGenesis Ag smart fingerprint is placed on any agricultural commodity as it travels through the global agricultural supply chain.

The reGenesis Ag Smart Fingerprint is serialized and tied to audit trails, tracking raw materials, finished goods, and others! Our smart fingerprint is represented in 2 easy-to-understand components:

  1. The reGenesis color wheel on the outside and a randomly generated pattern unique to business and immune to counterfeiting or copying
  2. Within the smart fingerprint is our ‘inner circle’, a space for the company to apply their brand logo within their own unique smart fingerprint


reGenesis Ag Phase 2

Shaping the Future of Agricultural Supply Chains

  • reGenesis Ag Trading and Innovation Centers will focus on transforming agricultural supply chains and improving the quality of life for farmers and consumers alike. These centers will allow all farmers whether crop, livestock, or seafood to bring their goods to the centers and get fair wages through agricultural tokens to combat corruption, receive the benefits of research and education to not only improve quality of goods but quality of life also.
  • We are currently looking at and exploring the possibilities of deploying micro satellites, drones, and AI technology across the globe to help aide farmers in healthier crop development, improved yields, soil health, peak readiness and flavors of crops.
  • Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras can be implemented to further protect food producers and supply chains from fraud and disease
  • We are actively exploring technology that lets us barcode crops, seeds, livestock and seafood… further enhancing food safety while adding an additional layer of security in our track / traceability of supply chains as well as preventing fraud and illegal activities as seen in fisheries for example.
  • Climate Receipts so consumers can see firsthand the CO2 emissions both positive and negative that are created from the product they buy.

reGenesis Ag smart fingerprint for tracking / tracing and heat map is put into blockchain using the serialized fingerprint and adding an NFT system component to enhance tracking / tracing efforts.

Case Studies



IndonesiareGenesis Ag is a collaborating partner with PT Naga Rantara Jaya, a regional leader in sustainable agriculture and food systems...

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Turpis cursus

Turpis cursus

Turpis cursusLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua....

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Regenesis ag Phase 3

Gamification and Digitalization of Farmland

With the gamification and digitalization of farmland in developing and emerging countries, people from all over the world can virtually own their own plot of land from a working and participating farm through blockchain and tokenization to make it a fully liquid, exchange traded assets backed by farmland, crops, trees, livestock, crop health, soil health, and carbon.

  • With a farmer / farming co-op no longer owning 100% of their land and being poor, the farmer can now take cash and build long term relationships, strengthen their business, expand markets and hire new workers.
  • With data being fed into the game with information gathered from platform #2, gamers from all over the world will be able to use the data from their region and apply it to the virtual land they own to get their crops, yields, etc. to out perform other gamers who own land on the same farm.
  • With the introduction of the reGenesis Ag token, gamers can then buy / invest in real technology or purchase projects such as irrigation or better genetics that is virtually applied to their plot of land  with the goal of creating better crops, yields, and profits.
  • With reGenesis monitoring and analyzing gameplay, gamers can be paid real money for their solutions if virtual gameplay is successful and reGeneis then feeds gamers data to the associated farm.
    reGenesis Ag

    Challenges and Solutions

    to Food Safety / Food Security

    Unsafe food contains harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical substances that cause more than 200 diseases, ranging from stomach and digestive issues to cancers.

    Constant collaboration between governments, producers and consumers is needed to help ensure food safety and stronger food systems.

    There are several challenge facing today’s food safety and agri-food systems:

    • Changes in our food production and supply
    • Global markets and more imported foods
    • New emerging bacteria, toxins, and viruses are becoming more antibiotic resistance in humans and livestock
    • Foodborne illness and disease in agri-food systems impede on socioeconomic development by overloading healthcare systems and damaging trade and economies.

    Solutions to food safety/security in agri-food systems:

    • Tech Enabled Traceability for prevention and outbreak response
    • New models for businesses and retail modernization
    • Better enhancement and education in food safety culture

    Applications / Industries

    I was thinking;  should we add applications and industries served where smart fingerprint is applied;  like:

    • Produce, dairy, livestock, poultry, seafood,
    • commodity markets such as cocoa, coffee, corn, wheat,
    • global spice trades
    • alternative medicines such as cannabis and psilocybin
    Using Smart Fingerprint system

    Food Tracking and Traceability

    reGenesis Ag Smart Fingerprint

    The smart fingerprint enters the global food supply chain through farms, growers and producers

    Smart Fingerprint

    • Smart fingerprint enters the supply chain through producers.
    • At each point in the supply chain additional information is added to fingerprint / audit trail.
    • All data from the supply chain is able to be retrieved and viewed by companies via the reGenesis Dashboard.
    • The smart fingerprint ends up on store shelves to be purchased and scanned by consumers to see where, when, and how their food is being grown and produced.

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